Why School Cafeteria Food (And Your Content Marketing) Sucks

Content Marketing and Cafeteria Food

This looks better than the stuff we used to eat. But the bar was not set high.

I can still remember the smell.

Approaching the cafeteria during lunch break conjured mixed feelings.  Happy to be out of class.  Excited to hang out with friends.  Dreading the food.

But school cafeteria food is destined to be bad.

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You Have To See This: A Brilliant, Funny Example of Content Marketing

carrieThis October, MGM is doing a remake of the 1976 horror classic, Carrie.

You remember Carrie, right?  The young and awkwardly shy girl with telekinetic powers that goes nuts on her prom night.

So — how do you get some buzz going about the remake of a nearly 40 year old movie?

How about some smart content marketing distributed through a mega-channel like YouTube.

Notice that this content is absolutely outstanding.  They invested in this content to make sure it would get attention.  As you will see, this is not a half-assed attempt at content marketing.

You have to see this: [Continue reading]

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One Argument For Quantity in Content Marketing


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Print and Steal This Headline Swipe File But Use It For Good, Not Evil


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Why D.I.S. is Crucial to your Content Marketing Strategy


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