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This blog is located at the intersection of content marketing and analytics.

Other topics that are discussed:

  • Conversion Testing
  • Search (SEO)
  • Social Media

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About Russ Henneberry (Business)

I built a website in 2004 and I was hooked.


Russ Henneberry

I cut my teeth in SEO and PPC. In 2009 I started reading books like Permission Marketing by Seth Godin and Joe Pulizzi’s Get Content, Get Customers. I’ve been a Content Marketing convert ever since.

I believe the #1 opportunity in digital marketing lies in testing and analytics.

I worked as an in-house SEO while getting my MBA from 2005 to 2007.  I then went to work supervising SEO for a team of developers at Network Solutions.

From 2009 to early 2013 I provided Internet marketing and execution for small to mid sized businesses. I managed the content strategy for a software company called Crazy Egg.  My role was to create, promote and measure content that drives sales.

logoI’ve done content marketing and analytics for  Salesforce.com and managed hundreds of SEO projects for Network Solutions. 

I’m currently the Director of Editorial for DigitalMarketer.com.

I analyze and measure the effectiveness of blog posts, ebooks, webinars and other content.

I jump out of bed every morning because I love what I do.  I love building content, combing through data and selling products and services through content marketing. I love the challenge.

About Russ Henneberry (Personal)

You are a nosey one, eh?


The Henneberry’s, Christmas 2012

Well, alright.  Here’s my personal story.  

I am happily married with two children — a 4 year old girl and a 7 year old boy.

I live in Saint Louis, Missouri.  

I love to watch sports and do anything outdoors in my spare time. I love to BBQ (smoke) food and I can neither confirm nor deny that I like cartoons more than the kids.

If you want to get in touch — email or call me.

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