Why School Cafeteria Food (And Your Content Marketing) Sucks

Content Marketing and Cafeteria Food

This looks better than the stuff we used to eat. But the bar was not set high.

I can still remember the smell.

Approaching the cafeteria during lunch break conjured mixed feelings.  Happy to be out of class.  Excited to hang out with friends.  Dreading the food.

But school cafeteria food is destined to be bad.

Here’s why…

The intent of school cafeteria food

The school cafeteria is charged with one duty.  Feed the school.

It doesn’t have to be good, just plentiful.

Volume is the game.  Not quality.

And so it is with many content marketing initiatives.  Long ago (in Internet years anyway) it was sufficient to be creating web content of any quality.  And, being as we humans will take the path of least resistance, the “content cafeterias” sprang up.

But two things have changed:

  • There is no longer a shortage of content – In fact, there is a glut.  Want proof?  There is over 5 million pages returned on Google for the query ‘how to make an apple martini.’
  • Search engines are smarter – Search engines hire the smartest people on the planet to improve their algorithm so it displays only the highest quality content.

Neither of these bodes well for the “content cafeteria.”

Create content in small batches

Yes, more is better.  But hold your horses.

Let’s get a handle on the quality and the promotion of the content.  Then, start adding volume.

It’s a simple recipe:

2 cups of exceptional quality
2 cups of exceptional promotion

Once you have this down pat, you can start doubling or tripling the recipe to add volume.

Just be careful.  Managing the production of content on a large scale is difficult.

Don’t forget to taste test once in a while to make sure it’s still palatable.

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  1. That’s funny… I always looked forward to the cafeteria food. I guess I didn’t realize how bad my home made lunch really was.

  2. I love the connection you made. Everyone can relate to horrible cafeteria food and the point you made was spot on- quality pays a big part in how your site gets ranked, not just quantity. Thanks for the post!


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