One Argument For Quantity in Content Marketing

Gravity is a function of mass.

To be more precise:

Gravity is the means by which objects with mass attract one another.

The sun has a mass that is 330,000 times the mass of the Earth.

The sun is a gravitational monster!  The gravity of the sun is so powerful that other objects of massive gravity, such as the Earth, are attracted to it and surround it.

We call it orbit.

Becoming The Center Of Your Solar System

The goal of all things marketing is to get more sales.

Good marketing creates something that members of the target market will pay attention to.  Buy into.  Gather around.

Savvy internet marketers know that this means creating mass and therefore gravity.

Creating mass on the Internet is about creating content.  Have you ever noticed that the same websites come up in the Google search results again and again?

  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube
  • CNN
  • HowStuffWorks

Here’s why:

These sites are massive.  They have tremendous gravity and Google “orbits” around these sites.

solar-systemA dinky 10 page website with the obligatory…

  • About Us page
  • Contact Us page
  • Product/Service pages

…doesn’t stand a chance.  No mass, no gravity.

Putting Your Market In Orbit

Adding content (mass) to your website attracts your market as surely as an apple will eventually fall from a tree and plunge into the earth.  You don’t need to create a website the size of Wikipedia, you don’t need the gravity (traffic) of Wikipedia.

Consistently adding to your website over time, will bring one star, comet or planet into orbit at a time — and hold them there.  Prospects, existing customers, mainstream media, and social media sites will be drawn to the mass that you have created.

Last but not least:  A Lesson from Mars and Mercury

While Mars is nearly twice the size of Mercury, Mercury has a much higher density.  As a result, Mars and Mercury have nearly identical gravity.

What can we learn from this? Size is not the same as mass.

It is the substance of Mercury that, despite its smaller size, increases its gravity.

Don’t be fooled.  The substance of your content will be directly proportionate to the gravity you create on the Internet.

Here are some tips on creating greater Internet gravity by improving the substance of your content:

  • Create high-quality content with stand-alone value
  • Learn the basics of SEO
  • Distribute your content mass through social media
  • Deliver content through a permission based email list
  • Listen to your market and answer their questions through your content

If you don’t do some or all of the above, you will build a bigger website that no one (not even your mother) will orbit.

What do you think about this concept?  How do you build gravity on the Internet?  What questions do you have?  Have you ever been abducted and probed by alien life forms?

Image courtesy of CalTech


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  1. This is encouraging for me. I started my blog back in late January and have been seeing slow changes in traffic, but I’m so ready for “the big time.” Because I have so much to say about my blog’s topic and I want so many people to know what I’m sharing. Because it really can be life-changing. But after reading this, I’m content that I’m creating a universe of possibilities with my site. And sooner or later, the universe will be big enough that others can’t ignore it! As long as I keep adding great content and interesting graphics, I know it’ll come. :)

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Creating new content on an ongoing basis is also very important, since as content ages, its gravitational pull weakens.

  3. Truth Larry, truth! I guess I better get cracking! :)